Curriculum Vitae

General Information

Frédéric Connes was born on June 29, 1975 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.


2009: Doctor of Laws, Université Paris-II Panthéon-Assas
2001: Computer Science Engineer, EPITA (École pour l'informatique et les techniques avancées), Systems, networks and security specialization
1998: D.E.A. in public law, Université Paris-II Panthéon-Assas
1993: Baccalauréat C


2012-2014: Chief Legal Officer, HSC by Deloitte
2009-2012: Chief Legal Officer, Hervé Schauer Consultants (HSC)
2009-2012: Corporate lawyer and information security consultant, Hervé Schauer Consultants (HSC)
2003-2012: System administration and hardening of dedicated servers; contribution to free softwares; development of a Linux distribution
2001-2003: Computer Engineer, Khiplus
2000: C/Unix assistant, EPITA ; computer trainer, Université Paris-II Panthéon-Assas


2016: Privacy Implementer (LSTI)
2010: ISO/CEI 27005:2008 Risk Manager (LSTI)
2009: ISO/CEI 27001:2005/2013 Lead Auditor (LSTI)